Research on Employee Conditions

The HR Best Practices Survey is at the core of the Top Employers Certification process. This in-depth research survey consists of questions about the company’s employee conditions, on nine different topics:

  • Talent Strategy
  • Workforce Planning
  • On-boarding
  • Learning & Development
  • Performance Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Career & Succession Management
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Culture

Each topic consists of questions related to the specific practice or policy: Strategy, Priorities, Role of Executive Management, Specific Practices, Measurement, Specific KPI’s and Support by Technology.

After the certification process has been completed, all participating companies receive detailed feedback on their performance via the customised Feedback Report and Benchmark Report. These reports enable organisations to find out how their employee conditions and HR policies compare to other certified employers.

Companies can utilise the insights into international best practices and examples of employee offerings in the report to improve their scores in future certification processes and to bolster their employer brand reinforcement.


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“By cooperating with the Top Employers Institute, we are able to evaluate the data of the leading companies in each segment, seeking best practices and valuable industry insights that can be adapted and applied in our context.”

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